Bangladesh Films: Findings Global Audience.

During 14th DIFF , International Emerging Talent Films Association (IEFTA), an European body based in Monaco, is planning to organize a day long discussion programme / conference on Bangladesh films in association with the DIFF. IEFTA are planning to open dialogue with filmmakers, scholars, government officials, film festival organizations and Universities from Bangladesh. The goal is to help films from Bangladesh reach wider market and further strengthen festival presence.

IEFTA has been working with Ethiopian filmmakers and film industry since 2008 through Ethiopian Film Initiative (EFI). IEFTA ran several workshops in Ethiopia and mentored projects from pre-planning stage all the way to completion and beyond. After successful addition to Cannes workshops in 2014, IEFTA helped 2 films from Ethiopia participate in this years (2015) festivals in Toronto and Venice.

You will be happy to hear that the IEFTA is planning to work in Bangladesh in collaboration with the local film community. Current Director of IEFTA , Mr Marco Orsini himself is expected to attend the conference. It will be held at the Gallery of the Alliance Francaise de Dhaka on 17th January 2016. We are confident that would glorify the event and occupy a unique place in the history of film festival.


Samia Zaman

Conference Director
Samia Zaman has been active in the film society movement of Bangladesh in the 80’s. She studied film making and theory in London University and British Film Institute. She was a Film Editor in BBC Television in London. She has completed her Masters in South Asian Studies (Literature, Anthropology and Politics) from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University. She is currently the Editor and CEO of Ekattor Television in Dhaka, Bangladesh.