Crew and Credits :

Directors : Fateme Ahmadi, Asmita Shrish
Cinematographer : Fateme Ahmadi, Narendra Mainali ,Payam Hosseinian
Asmita Shrish:
Writer Script : Fateme Ahmadi, Farokh Soltani, Uttam Neupane
Editor : Fateme Ahmadi, Farokh Soltani, Uttam Neupane
Sound recordist : Fateme Ahmadi, Farokh Soltani, Uttam Neupane
Production Designer : Menuka Rai Abolfazl Talooni Filip Sijanec
Editor : Menuka Rai Abolfazl Talooni Filip Sijanec
Composer : Menuka Rai Abolfazl Talooni Filip Sijanec

Cast: :

Bir Bahadur Rai
Arun Rai

Synopsis :

Seven-year-old Chandra and his elderly grandfather have to travel on foot through earthquake-hit Kathmandu in order to get to hospital, where Chandra’s mother has just given birth. Chandra is oblivious to the scenes of misery on the streets, and is fascinated by the many curious and beautiful sights, and excited about meeting his new sibling. Grandfather, who knows the sheer scope of destruction, attempts to protect Chandra from the grim reality of it all, while gradually coming to terms with the fact that the city is no longer the same, and that the hospital may not even stand. What awaits them at the end of their journey? Will it be a newborn baby, or bad news?

Filmmaker :

Asmita Shrish :
Asmita Shrish is a Nepalese filmmaker, visual artist and ethnographer exploring new ways of looking at human stories to connect with world. After finishing MA in Visual arts and animation, she founded Dhaulagiri Films in 2013. Her graduation film 'Auntie Ganga' was awarded Best Student film in Human Right Watch film festival in 2014.She is among few to be recognised by Art Council England, BAFTA and British Council for her works.
2016 - Gyalmu's House
2015 - Little Nepal
2015 - Chandra
2013 - Withdrawn
2013 - Auntie Ganga
2012 - An evening with Kids of Kathmandu
Fateme Ahmadi :
Fateme Ahmadi , Born and raised in Shiraz, Iran, Fateme Ahmadi was awarded first prize in the Literature Olympiad, a nationwide humanities competition. Her graduation film One Thousand and One Teardrops (2014) has been shortlisted in 29 festivals all around the world