8th Dhaka Cine Workshop
In order to educate future film activists International Film Critics Association of Bangladesh - IFCAB and Pathshala South Asian Media Institute is going to organize the “8th Dhaka Cine Workshop” from January 05 to 20, 2018. This is a parallel event designed to utilize the ambiance, resource and coming together of cine professionals as well as creative talents, old and new. The Workshop will be an intensive two week-long activity with creative professionals from diverse fields of the film industry as speakers and moderators.

8th Dhaka Cine Workshop basically has a main motive to influence the young film makers on how to make films; about film criticism; film submission to the film festival; on how to apply for the film funding and how to emphasize on the aesthetics of film culture. The total participants for this course will be 35 students who are around 30 years old from all over the world. All international participants will be arriving on 4th January 2018. The course will start from 5th January until 20th January.

From 5 to 11 January 2018 at 9.30am to 6pm daily, the course will be focusing on how to make films, where one specialist script writer and professional cinematographer will be associated during these days.

On 12th January, in the morning session, special classes will be held on teaching about the aesthetical sides, and in the evening, everyone will be attending the opening ceremony of the 16th Dhaka International Film Festival, which will be held at the National Museum auditorium at 4pm.

On 13th and 14th January, all students will participate in the 4thConference on Women in Cinema at the Alliance Francis de Dhaka, from 9.30am to 6pm daily.

From 15th to 20th January, all students will also participate in different film screenings daily of 4 films and will be given the opportunity to freely discuss about the films and put their thoughts on anything they need is required, in the presence of professional and scholars of Cinema.

On 20th January, at 4pm, the closing ceremony of DIFF will be held, where the participants of the Cine workshop will be awarded with the certificates of the courses and their efforts will also be screened during the event. However, less than 90% presence in the course will deduct the chance of receiving the certificate, hence attendance is important also.

This workshop used to be of a week in earlier days but now we have exceeded it to 16 days. The reason to be, we came to realize that only learning to make films is not important but also to focus on the more important factors to make a film successful. We believe, this experience will be a guideline for the future film makers and this will create them a base and idea of what industry they will be dealing with. Hoping the international participants will enjoy and our local students will learn lot from this workshop.

Let this be a starting point for the new generation to communicate with international mentalities as they will be taught in the same room and will be able to learn about each other’s traditions and cultures.


Ovidio Salazar (‘Abd al-Latif)

Course Director
Ovidio Salazar (‘Abd al-Latif), he is an award-winning director with over thirty-five years’ experiencein filmmaking. Originally from Los Angeles, California he began his studies in Theatre and Comparative Religions. To further his knowledge he travelled to Europe and the Middle East where he studied in Paris, Istanbul, and Cairo and finally London where he currently resides.

For several years he documented major redevelopment projects in the Holy Cities of Mecca and Madinah, before becoming the Series Producer for the BBC series ‘Faces of Islam’. He has directed several films on the pilgrimage to Mecca including segments of the IMAX production ‘Journey to Mecca’ and the BBC produced ‘Hajj – Journey of a Lifetime’. His films have screened worldwide and have won numerous international awards.