January 16 –24, 2021
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Rainbow Film Society is organizing the Dhaka International Film Festival-DIFF since 1992 and the 19th DIFF will be held from 16 to 24 January 2021. The general theme of the festival is ‘Better Film, Better Audience and Better Society’. Dhaka International Film Festival will be using the virtual platform for the first time starting this coming festival, besides the cinema halls.




Article 1: This International Film Festival aims at creating better understanding of the films of the world in an atmosphere of appreciation of the film culture and to move towards excellence of the motion picture art and industry.

Article 2: The 19th Dhaka International Film Festival will be held in the city of DHAKA, Bangladesh between January 16 and January 24, 2021. As a part of the festival, selected films will be sent out of Dhaka for screening after the 18th DIFF.

Article 3: The society comprises representatives from media, cultural organizations, corporate & business houses, film societies of Bangladesh.

Article 4: The festival authority chooses and invites films to participate in different sections. The sections are:

1. Asian Competition
2. Retrospective
3. Bangladesh Panorama
4.Cinema of the World
5.Women Filmmakers
6.Children’s Film
7. Short and Independent
8. Spiritual Films

Please note that the festival is devoted to feature films only. Fictional films from all over the world, with a minimum length of 70 minutes are eligible for entry. But, documentaries and short films may only be included in Women Filmmaker, Short and Independent, Spiritual Films and in other special sections where it is deemed fit. However, with a maximum length of 30 minutes are eligible for entry in these Sections.

Article 5: Apart from the Retrospective films all the other film entries should be made in 2020, in special cases the selection committee may accept films made in 2019.

Article 6: The submitted films must be festival maiden (meaning; the film should not have any record of being screened in any other Bangladeshi film festival before being screened at DIFF); yet, if we receive any information regarding the violation of our principal, we would have to disregard the particular film.

All Bangladeshi Films must be submitted with the film censor board certificate. No preview DVD will be accepted after 30th September 2020.

Article 7: Screening Fee:
Rainbow Film Society is a non-profit organization and DIFF is one of its vital activities and this organization runs on private and personal donations and contributions. We hardly manage few sponsors from the government and other that make us not able to give screening fee. Thus, before submission of the films, please finalize the matters with the festival authorities. The festival will not accept any kind of changes requested after the selections are made.

Article 8:  Selection:
The selection committee is in charge of all sections. The committee will preview and select films in DVDs (PAL) and download link only. The preview and selected titles should be sent specifying “No commercial value and for cultural purpose only”. The consignor should send the DVDs, all costs prepaid. Preview Tapes will not be returned. They will be preserved for the Festival Archive for academic purpose. After submission and selection, no films can be withdrawn.

Article 9: Submission:
As per the existing policy every film participating in the festival will have to be submitted to the Bangladesh film censorship board for clearance certificate.

Please note that the Censor board in Bangladesh is absolutely intolerant to any nudity, obscenity, sexual scenes, promotion of homosexuality, insulting or belittling of any religion or any film or any scene that may jeopardize the country’s international ties. If you decide to submit your film at our festival we will assume that you have agreed and have given us the permission to edit and delete as per the terms and conditions of our censor board.

Article 10: A single film cannot be entered into more than one category at a time. However, a single filmmaker is welcome to submit an unlimited number of films to the DIFF Committee for inclusion in the Festival. The filmmaker is welcome to suggest which category he or she would like to enter but the Committee retains the right of final decision on category selection.

Article 11: Last date for sending the Preview tape or Downloadable Link is September 30, 2020. The RFS management strongly suggests the use of a courier service, rather than the use of the postal service, to ensure timely delivery.

Article 12: Screening:
Generally, three shows for every selected film are arranged, including the shows for the Press & Delegates. For any additional screening, the international regulation is strictly adhered to.

Article 13: Format:
All the films to be entered should be in DVD / Blue Ray / DVCAM Pal / Hard Drive/ DCP, or in special cases, in pen drive and original version with English subtitle except those whose dialogues are in English.

Article 14: Shipping:
Regarding the sharing of the film prints in DCP format between two festivals, the one-way shipment cost either INBOUND or OUTBOUND (if required) will be borne by the Festival Authority. After submission to the festival,no hard drive, no Blue Ray or DVD will be returned, you cannot claim it back. It will be preserved and stored in the DIFF archive for academic purposes strictly; no copies will be made neither will any sort of distribution take place.

Article 15:
1.Director/ Programmer should be informed about the intended participation latest by 10th November, indicating the title of the film, name & addresses of the producers, directors with other particulars.

2. Participation and acceptance will be in terms of the DIFF Regulations.

3. Director will decide according to the provision in the international regulations every corner not explicitly covered in these articles and his decision shall be final and should be abided by all concerned.

4. As mentioned above, DIFF will be using the online platform starting 19th DIFF, for projecting films online. The DIFF authorities will select a few from the many submitted films and will use an online platform to cast it and once a film representative submits their film, they also agree in allowing DIFF to do so. (You must submit your film only if you have your consent on your film to have the possibility of being projected online).

If you agree to everything mentioned above, please submit your preview DVD or download link to the following address/email.

All correspondence should be made to the following address:

The Festival Director
19th Dhaka International Film Festival
Rainbow Film Society
B.S. Bhaban, Level 3, Room # 105,
75 Science Laboratory Road
Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh
Phone: +8802 58614809
E-mail: ahmedshovan@yahoo.com, ahmedshovan@gmail.com