Asian Film Competition Section



Chairman, Poland
She is Polish filmmaker and screenwriter. She regularly collaborates with her husband Krzysztof Krauze. The body of work of the spouses is characterised by a humanist approach and respect for the protagonists in their films. The couple has received over 120 awards for their films worldwide. In 2013 Joanna Kos and Krzysztof Krauze completed work on a biopic about the Romani poet, Papusza. Joanna Kos-Krauze finished Birds Are Singing in Kigali (2017) by herself, because her husband passed away during the making of the film.


Mr. Mostofa Sarwar Farooki

Member, Bangladesh
Variety’s Jay Weissberg wrote, “Mostofa Sarwar Farooki is a key exemplar of Bangladeshi new wave cinema movement”. His film “Television” was the closing film of Busan festival 2012 and won Grand Jury Prize in Asia Pacific Screen Award 2013. His seventh feature titled “Saturday Afternoon” won two independent Jury Prizes at Moscow International Film Festival 2019. He is currently working on his MPA-APSA winner project “No Land’s Man”, featuring Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Ms Päivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen

Ms Päivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen

Member, ‎Finland
She is a Finnish journalist who has worked over 30 years for radio, web media, print and tv. Since 2015 she has directed and written scripts for three indie documentary films that raise discussion about what is happening in the Finnish welfare society. Toyota and Windbreaker is her third doc film. She has a M.Soc.Sc. degree. Currently she is the CEO of the production company Mikkelin Mediaali Ltd.


Mr. Miguel Ángel Jiménez

Member, Spain
He is from Madrid left Law School to study Film Photography. He filmed his first short movie in 35mm, called Las Huellas, coproduced by Aki Kaurismaki. He founded Kinoskopik Film Produktion in 2007. His films include the features: Ori (2009) and Chaika (2012); the documentaries: Dias de el Abanico(2007) and Y encadaLenteja un Dios (2018); and the shorts Khorosho (2010) and Kafenio Kastello (2018). Window to the Sea, his last feature is coproduced by Heretic, Greece.

Women Filmmakers


Ms. Nargis Akhter

Member, Bangladesh
She is a Bangladeshi film director, screenwriter and producer. She completed her Master's degree in Social Welfare and obtained first class from Dhaka University. Besides, she has worked for a good number of documentaries and television productions. Her first directed film was Meghla Akash(2001). Then she directed Char Shatiner Ghar(2005), Megher Kole Rode (2008), Abujh Bou (2010), Putro Ekhon Poyshawala (2015) and Poush Maser Pirit (2016). She won twice National Film Award in the Best Screenplay category for Meghla Akash and Abujh Bou.


Ms. Hannah Fisher

Member, Canada
an international film and television consultant for film festivals and major media events. She has worked with many film festivals like with Kolkata, Kerala, Dubai, Shanghai, San Diego, Krakow and the Floating Film Festival. She was festival director of the Vancouver International Film Festival and segued from that to direct a Women's Film Festival at the End of Decade Conference for Women in Nairobi 1985. From there, another UN project in Cairo, sponsored by the UN Agency for Population and Development. Her work continues as programmer of the Heartland International Film Festival, Indiana.


Ms. Dalia Alic

Member, Croatia
She is an international media producer and manager recognized as '27 European Achievers Under 27' and graduated from Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb and LUCA School of Arts, Campus NARAFI with honors followed by an MBA at Swiss School of Business and Management. Produced and collaborated on more than 20 international short and awarded films: "The Stamp" (2019) is an awarded Belgian-Croatian production. She worked as a festival Artistic Director in Southern Asia and collaborated on international projects in Europe and Asia as an active member of the Filmmakers Association of Croatia.


Ms. Uma da Cunha

Member, India
Her work spans film programming, journalism and casting. Involved in India’s film society movement in the ’70s, she joined the Directorate of Film Festivals, Government of India in Delhi. Returning to Mumbai, Mumbai, she independently organised film festivals in India and abroad, wrote for leading publications and worked as a casting director for films. Uma has assisted major international film festivals and served on the 2009 Cannes Film Festival’s Un Certain Regard Jury. She is the Managing Partner of and writes for


Ms. Anomaa Rajakaruna

Member, Sri Lanka
She has documented the lives of women in Sri Lanka addressing the issues of women in armed conflict, displacement, sexual harassment and violence against women. She has won several awards for her work, both nationally and internationally. Rajakaruna is the first female editor of a cinema journal in Sri Lanka, the founder of Agenda 14 Short Film Festival and the Festival Director of Jaffna International Cinema Festival since 2015. She has served as a juror in over 20 national and international film festivals.

Spiritual Section: Interfaith Jury for Spiritual Films


Ms. Robyn Hughan

Member, Australia
She has experienced in many areas of film including acting and teaching, Robyn, in recent years has specialised in refugee stories, independently producing and directing her own documentaries. These award winning films have screened and broadcast internationally. Journey Beyond Fear is her first feature documentary, filmed over a seven year period in Malaysia and Australia, following a family’s traumatic journey for resettlement. She is a passionate advocate for human rights.


Mr. Maqsoodul Haque

Member, Bangladesh
Maqsoodul Haque a.k.a Mac Haque is better known in Bangladesh and the Bengali diaspora as an eminent jazz-rock fusion musician with a string of hit singles and albums with spiritually driven lyrics to his credit. He has spent better part of forty years reading, writing, singing, arguing, documenting and researching the works of his patron Saint Fakir Lalon Shah (1772-1890) of Seuria, Kushtia. Although city bred and educated - Mac identifies with the poorest of the poor, yet ‘spiritually affluent’ Bauls of Bangladesh - a belief system he embraced in 1989.


Mr. Alireza Shahrokhi

Member, Iran
Mr. Alireza Shahrokhi the founder & CEO of 7th Art IFD (Independent Films Distribution), started his career in 1996 as the festival assistant in Cima Media International (CMI), a semi-private company for marketing and sales of Iranian films. He continued his activities as the Manager of festival affairs in IRIB MEDIA TRADE 2008-2016.Since 2016 he joined the acquisition team of IRIB MEDIA TRADE as the Acquisition Executive. Promoting the Iranian Independent Films (Features, Documentaries, Children) he established his own private company in 2017.


Mr. Giacomo Martinoli

Member, Italy
Photographer, videomaker, graphic designer and drone pilot based in Milan. Student of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, in 2015 I started my collaboration with Aurora Vision as a graphic designer, creating posters and graphics for films and documentaries such as Alganesh, Tapestry of Life, Le Maroc and many others. Since 2016 I have been in the INTERMODO photo studio team, specializing in fashion and portrait photography. I obtained the ENAC certification, as a drone pilot specialized in critical operations, starting my experience as a cameraman and drone pilot for the Aurora vision production company.


Mr. Mostafa Kamal

Member, UK
He is London-based filmmaker, researcher, scriptwriter, actor, and film critic. Born in Bangladesh, he graduated in film studies from the Kiev Sate Film Institute in Ukraine (in the former Soviet Union). He moved to London in 1989 and founded the Rainbow Film Society two year later. As festival director, he has been organizing the Rainbow Film Festival since 2000, the longest running showcase for Bengali films in London. He has made over 20 short and documentary films, and five telefilms. Currently he has been working as a trainer on film making and also running workshops for young children.

FIPRESCI Jury : Bangladesh Panorama Film Section


Mr. Ershad Komal Khan

Member, Bangladesh
He is a film critic based in Dhaka and a member of FIPRESCI Bangladesh. At present, he is a special correspondent of the New Age, an English-language-based daily published from Dhaka. Besides writing special reports on various issues, Ershad writes reviews on films, theatre, art and music. He attended a fellowship programme on Intangible Cultural Heritage Safeguarding in South Korea in 2017. He won several awards as a journalist and earlier served as jury members in international film festivals.


Mr. Madhu Eravankara

Member, India
he is a film critic and writer. He is recipient of the Indian National Film Award with Presidents Gold Medal for the Best Book on Cinema. Author of a dozen books on cinema, he has served as a jury in many festivals; Mumbai ,Yamagata, Brisbane, Istanbul, Toronto, Manheim- Heidelberg, Busan , Abu Dhabi, Taipei , St.Petersberg and more. He is a fellow of National Film Archive of India. He serves as faculty in Cinema in a number of State and National institutions and former Professor of Film Studies, Malayalam University, Kerala and Secretary to FIPRESCI- India.


Ms. Evgenia Tirdatova

Member, Russia
She is the member of the European Film Academy, the National Academy, FIPRESCI, the Board of the Filmmakers Union of Russia, Vice-President of Film Critics Guild of Russia and Professor of VGIK. She is author of many books and articles on world cinema. She graduated from the State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). Also worked at the State TV and Radio, in the magazine “Soviet Screen”, she was the editor-in-chief of the “Kino-Glaz” and “Audio Video Business” magazines. Since 1995 she is a programmer at the Moscow International Film Festival.