Crew and Credits :

Director : Girish Makwana
Writer : Girish Makwana
Music : Girish Makwana
Producer : Lorraine Grigg
DOP : Randev Bhaduri
Cinematography : Alex Power,Fabio Capodivento

Cast :

Derryn Hinch
Davini Malcolm
Sanjeet Pahil
Mukesh Mecwan
Thakor Makwana
Michelle Cellebicanin
Priyanka Panchal
Moti Solanki
Mukesh Kahar

Synopsis :

All the colour, depth and mystery of India's complex and riotous cultural heritage is brought to light in a single action which changes two countries forever. A proud Indian international student is attacked in a brightly lit train carriage against a backdrop of darkness. Unknown to his attackers his high caste status has little relevance, and in one poignant moment, he is rescued by his counterpart, an 'untouchable', a low caste. They are united by what would otherwise be impossible. The highly publicized event sends shock waves through the international community. As the climate escalates, Maria Kris a young Australian journalist of Indian descent is sent to investigate, and what happens from there uncovers long established and inherent prejudices between the two countries and what lies between .... In her quest for truth, she meets a young Indian student Giriraj, who changes her life forever through an unlikely meeting.Throughout their ensuing friendship, Maria is taken by Giriraj for a journey through the darkness of India's social history and via the laneways of her own city, exposing a side she had never imagined.

Filmmaker :

Girish Makwana, born in India but now a citizen and resident of Australia, began life in Gujarat State, India. He initially studied to be a microbiologist, but felt overwhelmingly drawn towards a musical career. He embarked on a course of studies in music performance in India and later in Australia. From an initial focus on Indian classical styles he moved to also embrace Western classical music. He holds Bachelor and Masters Degrees in music performance from the MS University of Baroda in India, in Australia Girish is a much acclaimed and respected member of the Indian community and has worked tirelessly to promote India’s musical culture and traditional Indian instruments to wider audiences in Australia.

Filmography :

2010 - XIThe Gift (Short)
2016 - The Colour of Darkness
2011 - Tihai 3 (Documentary short)
2010 - A Musical Journey (Documentary short)