Cinema by virtue of its invention had essentially remained a western art form. When the countries from the east adopted the art, they had approached it quite differently. Like any other art there remained a clear division between the cinema from the east and that from the west and it was assumed that “Never the twain shall meet”.

There has been a significant change over the years. International Film Festivals have become a meeting point between the two. As a result more and more films from the east are being appreciated by the west recently. However, there has been a school of thought that the west has been more patronizing than appreciating in their approach.  It is also felt that only a certain kind of cinema form this region gets recognition. Is there any basis for these thoughts?

A day long programme will be held at the Dhaka International Film Festival-DIFF on 19 January, 2021, where in addition to the above mentioned one; many other similar questions will be raised, discussed and refuted. An international film critic, a prominent festival official, a leading academic and an experienced producer will try to explain.