Dhaka International Conference on Women in Cinema Just like the previous years, Rainbow Film Society is expecting numbers of woman filmmakers, actors and personalities from all over the world for attending our very important segment- “Fifth Dhaka International Conference on Women in Cinema 2019”. This conference will be held at the Gallery of the Alliance Francaise de Dhaka on Friday 11 January and Saturday 12 January, 2019 during the festival.

This will also serve the purpose of a platform that will address issues concerning women through the work being done by the invited panel of women guests. Given that women compose half of humanity and the inherent importance and relevance of women's issues in global progress; it is high time that such a conference is convened in a country like Bangladesh, more so as the world is going through enormous changes on all fronts having both positive and negative implications for women. Having said this, I would also mention that this conference will serve as the heart of our upcoming festival.

Following Keynote papers will be presented during this segment by following presenters.

1. "The rise of the young generation of the female filmmakers" By Alin Tasciyan, film critic and film historian from Istanbul, Turkey.

2. "From Screen to Screen: Women’s Experience of Watching Cinema in Urban Bangladesh" By Dr. Gitiara Nasreen, Professor Mass Communication & Journalism, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

3. "Body is not her own: Patriarchy: Violence and prostitution in Post Nineties none mainstream Cinema: A Critical Feminist Approach Key Words: Body, Sexuality, Violence and Indian Cinema". By Dr. Debjani Halder, independent film maker and social activist from Kolkata, India.

4. "Cinematic gaze and gender masquerading: some film examples". By Maja Bogojevic, film theorist/critic, founder and editor-in-chief of the first Montenegrin film magazine, Camera Lucida.

5. “A female filmmaker can give a clear voice to a voiceless woman from Iran”. By Maryam Zahirimehr, photographer, director, writer, producer, teacher from Iran. Master of Management from Tehran University, Master of Fine art from Lesley University, Massachusetts, USA

6. “What are American Women Doing to Alleviate Gender Discrimination in Cinema?” By Sydney Levine, trainer/ educator, writer and consultant for festival, international sales and financing strategies from LA, USA.

So start your rescheduling now if you are interested to join. We welcome you and want you to attend this two daylong ‘Fifth Dhaka International Conference on Women in Cinema 2019’ as it carries a very authentic purpose and will enhance many minds morally.