Maciej Ruciński

Member - Poland

Maciej Ruciński is an engineer, festival organizer, and avid traveller. Creator of advanced new technologies in robotics, drone and imagining sector. After working for big tech corporations and start-ups decided to run his own company to fuel his passion. Delivers high tech solutions for major players in various industries. Fills both his working and leisure time with travel, on foot, bicycle, or 4x4. Especially keen on long distance overland journeys, which allows him to explore countries and cultures. Travelled most of Europe, crossed Australia East to West, New Zealand North to South. Preparing for his next big adventure of circling Africa by 4x4. Passion for film got him involved in film festivals including his hometown Cameraimage Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography, OKO International Ethnographic Film Festival, and Brno Eko Film Festival.